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5 Essential Top Tips for Attraction and Retention of Talent in Digital Recruitment

It’s no secret that the UK is facing a major talent shortage within the Digital and Tech sector.

A skills shortage, which is growing all the time, means that attraction and retention of digital talent is becoming harder and harder in the industry today.

Hiring Managers in the agency world, and in particular HR Departments within the corporate world, still underestimate what is required to attract good, strong applications when advertising roles such as Software Developer, Digital Designer, and Digital Marketeer.

So how can you adapt your process of hiring in order to foster new digitally savvy talent?

Here we will give you 5 essential top tips for attracting and retaining top tech talent in today’s digital recruitment world:

1. Create Excellent Employee Benefits

We’ve seen it all. From unlimited paid holidays to ‘Free Lunch Friday.’ In today’s market where the big boys are throwing around offers of £10k plus pay rises and developers are refusing to move for anything less than a £5k increase on their current salary, you need to do something to make your offer stand out.

Look at offering something different. Be inventive. Be understanding about your audience. Developers love to learn, so offering something like an annual training budget that they can spend on any relevant learning, on top of their salary is often the thing that will tick all the boxes.

2. Create an Enviable Culture

Make sure that you nurture your existing team. If they’re happy and they love working in your business, they will tell all their friends and they’ll encourage others to come and work for you.

3. Be Aware of your Employer Brand

Think about how you’re perceived as an employer in the industry?

In the Digital and Tech Sector there are many networking events! And, in the world of employee attraction and retention, your reputation is everything.

All it takes is one disgruntled ex-employee to bad mouth you to their network to start rumours and if word reaches your potential next hire that your company is not a great place to work, they’ll ditch you in favour of one of the many other offers they have on the table.

So, make sure that when you’re going through the recruitment process, even the candidates who didn’t get the job get great feedback and have a positive experience with your company.

4. Invest in Your Team and Their Tools

Candidates in the Digital sector love good tech. So give them the latest laptops, gadgets, screens, technology, software, phones etc. If you want to get the best team together and keep them for the long haul, make sure they feel like they get the best tools to do their job.

5. Work with an Outstanding Recruiter

In today’s market you have to take the time to go to the applicant and invite them to apply for the role. You can’t just stick out an advert and wait for the CVs to come rolling in.

In most cases, it’s more you have to make it a full time job to fill a full time job!

A specialist recruiter will have relationships with their candidates that have been nurtured over many many years.

They will help you to access a talent pool that is otherwise inaccessible. So if you’re short on time because you’re obviously short staffed, then engaging with a specialist recruitment company such as Concept Personnel, who have been operating in the Digital Industry since 2002 is a great way to solve your recruitment problems.


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