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Holiday hangover or time for a new job?

According to industry research nearly 80% of people return from holiday determined to look for a new job. Here at Concept Personnel we see a surge in candidates coming in for chat at this time of year after a break in the sun and the chance to take stock of where their career is going.

Lots of us come back with a holiday hangover hating our job, our lives, our house and everything except the cat, but after some wild talk about selling everything we own and running away to run a beachside bar we quietly slip back into the comforting old routine.

If you’re not sure whether the feeling is permanent or temporary, look forward a couple of years – would you be happy if life was pretty much the same as it is now, or does that prospect have you running screaming for the hills? If it’s the latter, it’s time to make some changes.

Autumn is a great time to job search, with companies focused on hitting annual targets, which often involves recruiting before the traditional Christmas slow-down.

So if you’re looking for a new job where should you start?

You’d expect us to say this, but get some professional help. Here at Concept we have years of experience in permanent, freelance and temporary contract jobs in the digital, design, marketing and communications sector.

As experienced creatives we have walked in your shoes, we’re well-connected across the North East and Scotland, and we know where the opportunities are likely to come up long before they are made public.

Decide what you want. Are you looking for promotion, completely new challenges, or the same kind of role but a switch from agency to client-side? Establishing what you can and can’t compromise on when it comes to job role, location, benefits and other factors will help us match you with the right employer.

Get an expert view of your CV. A lot of the CVs we see are a yawn-inducing list of duties, and a fresh eye will identify gaps and help you polish up how you present your skills and experience to prospective employers. Avoid looking desperate to get a job, any job. It’s not about you, it’s about focussing on what you could bring to the employer’s business.

Don’t neglect your online profile: LinkedIn and other social media sites are the first port of call for most employers. Update them using the same principles you brought to your CV.

Be discreet. Of course you will want to quietly let people know you might be in the market for a move, but you don’t want to experience that toe-curling moment in the kitchen when your boss casually asks how the job search is going.

Without wanting to sound like your mum, look after yourself. Job-seeking is not a single battle, it’s a long-term campaign so get in training. Eat well, get some fresh air and exercise and above all, stay optimistic.

You’ll get there by putting the effort in, working with your trusty recruitment consultant, and maintaining an open, positive attitude.

Don’t ignore the post-holiday blues. This is one hangover that a full fat coke and a dirty fry up won’t cure. As in matters of love, you will probably have to kiss a few frogs to get to the prince (or princess) of jobs so don’t feel down if it takes a while, the right job will be worth the wait.


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