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Seven signs you need a new job

There are good jobs, OK jobs, and jobs that make us want to run away screaming. We all go through patches that inspire a good old moan about work when we get home, but if the bad stretches are way outweighing the good, you need to look at the signs that tell you it’s time for a change.

It’s not about money:  a surprising number of candidates who come to us for help finding a new jobtell us it’s not about the money. We all have bills to pay and we are entitled to be paid what we are worth. But if you genuinely feel your role is undervalued in terms of what you are taking home – particularly if you know for sure that others in the same role are being better rewarded – it will affect your motivation and performance. And paying people differently for the same role is against the law too.

Feeling the love: Of course you don’t need to be told daily how marvellous you are, but it’s demoralising feeling no one values your contribution, or sees your potential. You are doing a great job, clients and colleagues rate you, but you seem to be invisible to management. Is it a difference in communication styles, or are you just seen as part of the furniture?

Shared values: Ideally, you should genuinely believe in what the company stands for if you want to feel comfortable in your skin. Dodgy billing practices, bullying or a culture of ‘who can stay latest’ can all get you down and have you out of the door at 5pm faster than Mo Farah.

Room to grow:  Are you getting opportunities to stretch yourself and progress your career? Meeting challenges is energising, it shows management what you are capable of and makes you go home with a spring in your step and joy in your heart. But if you are stuck in the day to day and bored stiff you will get stale, and that’s not good for either you or your employer.

Jobs change: Did you love the job before it changed under you? Commercial pressures sometimes mean job roles have to evolve for the good of the business, but only you can judge whether it’s a direction you want to go in.

Is it them or you: Sometimes it’s you who has changed, and there is nothing wrong with the job, you’re just not a couple any more. It’s perfectly OK to decide to switch careers mid-stream. Maybe you’re a wannabe web developer stuck in a designer’s role, or you are working in an agency but would prefer to be client-side.  Or your personal circumstances might have changed and you might simply need to find a job closer to home.

Soul feeling:  Sunday evenings spoiled by that back to school feeling? Or are you full of dread the moment the alarm goes off in the mornings? Listen to your instincts. If your job is sucking all the joy from your life and making you miserable, it’s simply not worth it.

Whatever your reasons, if the job is not working for you, don’t just sit there, do something about it.  You could start by coming to Concept Personnel for a chat.

Sure, changing jobs can be scary but it can also be exciting.  Don’t you owe it to yourself to be happy?


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