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Six tips for navigating the job market in 2021

Another January has rolled around; traditionally the month of new beginnings and trying to pretend that not drinking alcohol or eating chocolate for 31 days is entirely feasible.

It’s also a strong period when it comes to the job market, with employers setting out their plans for the coming year and people looking for that next great career move. But if you’re new onto the job market this January, you might notice that things are a little different around here these days. Luckily, we’re here to fill you in on everything you need to know and give you some tips and tricks for success.

1) Location Location Location…
… is often irrelevant these days. Ok poetic licence aside, on the whole one key result of the past year is that employers are much better equipped for and used to operating with a remote working policy. What’s more, now we’re used to it many aren’t intending to go back. This is brilliant news for job seekers as you’re no longer bound to a commutable distance from home when searching for the perfect role. Note though; most job boards require a postcode for a job advert so recruiters will specify if a role is remote working in the job title and body of the advert. If you’re looking to widen the net then consider adding “remote” or “remote working” into your keyword search. Make sure you read the body of the ad carefully to ensure there are no conditions to the arrangement for example “must be able to come into the office once a week for meetings.”

2) The quality of your video call matters
Video interviews are pretty much standard practice these days, and yes we’re all just doing our best with what we have. On the whole employers and hiring managers are very understanding about the fact that everyone has different home working circumstances. However, putting a little effort into the quality of your video call does make a difference when it comes to making a great first impression. If nothing else, please make sure you can be seen and heard clearly, ensure there’s nothing in the background that you wouldn’t want to share with a prospective employer and make sure there are no distractions. Test your setup prior to an interview to ensure everything will run smoothly.

Click here for more tips on nailing a video interview:

3) Consider your digital presence
With remote connections being the primary method of discovery for both candidates and recruiters/hiring managers, your digital presence should be a key consideration when applying for a role. In scenarios where face to face meetings are not possible, employers will rely more heavily on other methods to establish your suitability, not only from a skills perspective but in terms of culture fit too. One of the easiest ways to do this is to turn their attention to your social media. This can tell a prospective employer all sorts, from your relationships with colleagues and industry contacts, to your values and ability to be a thought leader within your field (not to mention your baking skills and penchant for cats doing silly things).

4) Online networking is a big deal
Networking organisations have evolved during 2020 and online networking platforms have been transformed throughout the pandemic. The Zoom call is your best friend, sure, however some of the networking events we’ve attended more recently have been way more sophisticated with virtual tables and rooms that you can hop in and out of so you can have immediate 121s with the interesting people at the event. Significantly more convenient than networking in person, and much easier to reach a wider net of contacts. Networking events are great places to get an idea of who’s out there in your field, who’s growing and therefore hiring, and make some contacts that might turn out to be hiring managers in future. You can search for online networking opportunities on sites like LinkedIn and Eventbrite, or by finding local organisations and businesses that service industries in the local area.

5) Alternative ways of working could be viable options
Flexibility is an extremely valuable asset in the current climate and with that, employers are looking at ways in which they can make their workforce more dynamic and responsive to change. A recent PeoplePerHour survey indicated that 60% of business owners plan to use more freelancers in 2021, so it could be a good time to consider this as a short-term solution if you have the necessary skills and are struggling to find the perfect role or are trying to gain experience in a new industry.

6) Recruiters can help get you to the top of the pile
In a candidate-heavy market such as the one we find ourselves in, employers are often inundated with applications. Job seekers start to panic-buy and they apply for every job they can find. To the person sorting through the CVs, it can sometimes feel like someone took the needle and threw several more haystacks on top. Hiring Managers often turn to recruiters to take on this time-consuming work. Working with a recruiter who has built up trust with their clients can essentially escalate your CV to the top of the yes pile and ensure you are one of the first names on the shortlist, sometimes even before a job ad goes live.


Don’t forget that above all else you have to be resilient. You’ll likely get some no’s but that shouldn’t discourage you. Determination and tenacity will always win in the end. We wish you the absolute best of luck in your search and our virtual doors are always open to assist and advise you however you may need it – so don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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