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Our Vision, Mission & Values

Vision Statement

Be the leading recruitment partner, connecting talented people to niche opportunities with insight, care and understanding.

Mission Statement

We are straight talking recruitment experts connecting top talent with specialised opportunities.

Our Values

Honesty, courage and sincerity working together to build a workplace grounded in trust and ethical excellence.

  • Honesty
  • Courage
  • Sincerity

Integrity Behaviours:

Push back / ask questions.
Being consultative.
Quality of work and service.
Speak up when something feels off, doing it with respect and authority.
Be curious and ask the questions that lead to a better understanding and smarter choices.
Ensure fairness and consistency in everything you do.
Consistently deliver great work and do what you say you’ll do.
Exceed expectations and leave our customers delighted.

Where responsibility merges with pride and commitment, driving success with genuine enthusiasm and focused effort.

  • Responsibility
  • Pride
  • Commitment


Dedication behaviours:

  • Expert advice and feedback, agile approach, tenacity and resourcefulness.
  • Actively seek out and incorporate advice into your work, demonstrating a commitment to continuous learning and improvement.
  • Embrace flexibility and adaptability in your work, adjusting your methods to meet challenges and identify opportunities.
  • Face challenges with determination, viewing challenges as opportunities for growth rather than setbacks.
  • Act on feedback, demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Take ownership of your responsibilities and mistakes.

Being kind, understanding and emotionally intelligent. Creative a supportive environment and making it a great place to work and grow.

  • Kindness
  • Empathy
  • Emotional intelligence


Caring behaviours:

  • Due diligence in the process.
  • Establishing motivations and curiosity.
  • Regularly express appreciation and gratitude towards your colleagues.
  • Listen and provide support when someone is facing challenges.
  • Actively listen to understand others’ perspectives and feelings.
  • Recognise and manage emotions effectively in all situations.
  • Adapt communication styles to foster positive connections.
  • Thoroughly research and understand tasks before execution.

We value our colleagues who bring a great attitude, a willingness to help and a knack of spreading happiness. Together we cultivate a culture of collaboration, innovation and shared success.

  • Great attitude
  • Being happy
  • Being helpful


Positivity behaviours:

  • Making peoples day.
  • Spreading joy.
  • Being kind.
  • Everyone feels good.
  • Seeking opportunities to brighten a colleagues or customers day.
  • Share enthusiasm by celebrating successes and contributing to a happy work environment.
  • Practice kindness in all interactions.
  • Extend understanding, support and empathy to create a nurturing and inclusive environment.
  • Communicate by using a positive language and focus on solutions and encouragement rather than on challenges.
  • Wear a smile and maintain positive body language to create a friendly and approachable atmosphere.

Every voice matters. It’s how we get things done. Communication and support are the tools to success.

  • Communication
  • Support


Collaboration behaviours:

  • Active listening, opening communication – 2 ways.
  • Good conversations.
  • Good networks.
  • Being there for everyone.
  • Creating trust and a safe space.
  • Regular updates and genuine interest.
  • Actively engage in discussions, giving full attention to colleagues’ ideas and perspectives.
  • Share thoughts and information transparently and encourage others to do the same.
  • Foster an inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable expressing their opinion.
  • Share knowledge and resources to strengthen professional connections.
  • Encourage autonomy and trust in colleagues.

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